Marble and Stone Floor Maintenance

owadays,more and more "decorative" marbles are being used for their beauty and not their strength. These marbles are generally very prone to abrasion, vertical compactions, scratching and staining.
The main reason polished stone floors become dull is that we walk on them and "grind" in dust, sand, and other fine, gritty matter that abrades the finish. Although the scratching is very fine, it eventually covers the whole area so massively that light will no longer reflect of the surface.
Therefore, maintenance is a key factor guaranteeing post-installation or post-restoration beauty appearance and longevity.

Some companies recommend acrylic wax applications. Facts about this process can be found here: The Truth About Maintenance of Marble Surfaces..

Maintaining Your Marble and Stone Floors

For in-house maintenance Marble Restoration Services® Ltd. recommends few simple rules following which the floors, vanities, walls, counter tops etc. will stay in a good condition for a long time:

  • For the floors, an effective entrance barrier MAT SYSTEM is imperative; and, forms the most basic requirement for any stone flooring. Without it even the best maintenance system could be jeopardized. Entrance heavy-duty shoe scraper / grass mat will do a lot to protect you natural stone installations and save your maintenance / restoration cost.

  • Never use vinegar, acid, glass or furniture cleaner to clean the stone. High alkaline or mild acidic cleaners can etch and damage the finish. They poison the stone, kill the polish and damage surface. Stone cleaning products should have neutral PH equal or close to 7. Popular Windex, Fantastic, Comet or different bowl / kitchen / glass / furniture cleaners would not be a good option.
  • Use dry-mopping as often as you can. Think that scratches come not from walking on the floor as such, but from the sand and grits lying between shoes and polished surfaces.
  • Use only trusted products designed for stone maintenance. We can recommend a wide variety of reputable products. Contact our office for details.
  • Keep mops, rags, sponges, dust mops and other supplies to clean the marble separate from other cleaning suppliers. A mop used in a restroom may have acid from toilet bowl cleaners or urine in it. Both can have negative effects on polished stone floors.
  • All marble installations have to be protected (sealed) by reputable stone impregnators.
  • Set up a Professional Maintenance Program with Marble Restoration Services® Ltd. to implement a cycle of periodic low-cost restoration procedures.

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