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Professional Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ltd. - Serving Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston & Surrounding Areas

Diamond polishing (Polissage de béton) for concrete is a relatively recent concept in construction industry. Polishing is suitable for refurbishing old concrete flooring or producing new durable, low-maintenance, high gloss installations.

This process provides cost-effective flooring option that can accommodate tight budgets and creative design.

How does the process work?

Walk-behind grinding machines with rotating diamond-abrasive heads remove the surface layer of the concrete and achieve a fine polish. Progressively finer diamond-abrasive segments are used, starting with very coarse grinding abrasives that remove thickness quickly, and moving to metal-bonded diamond heads. From there, resin-bonded diamonds achieve various degrees of polishing up to highly reflective sheen.
At some point in the grinding process, sodium silicate (or a related siliconate) is applied to the floor to densify, or harden, the concrete. The solution is absorbed into the concrete matrix, filling the pores. Chemically, the silicate reacts with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete to produce calcium silicate hydrate. Potassium silicate, lithium silicate, and various siliconates are also used in other proprietary formulations. After the silicate infuses into the concrete, it crystallizes in place. Then the polishing continues. Color of various shade can me impregnated into the surface providing vibrant and unique translucent tones.
Then final concrete enhancement is applied to the surface. Hybrid inorganic / organic Nano lithium surface treatments are the latest trend nowadays. Concrete enhancers additionally seal concrete floors, producing a very hard, dust repellent, chemical resistant and water tight surface.

Concrete polishing systems have reasonable limitations. To great extend the finished product depends on proper placement of ready-mix and initial installation. For more information read our F.A.Q. - Why the polished concrete floor is NOT to expectation?

Specifications, product data sheets, MSDS are published on our Helpful Links page.

Video of actual grinding process

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The HTC grinders HTC diamond refinishers are known to be the best tools in the industry. Each machine equipped with one large drive disk that rotates in one direction, with several smaller heads mounted on it that rotate in the opposite direction. The result is that the diamond abrasives travel randomly over a large diameter, producing a flatter grind and better aesthetic finish. Our company has variety of grinders from light industrial HTC-500's ( grinding pressure of 270 lbs) to heavy duty HTC-800 HD's (grinding pressure 620 lbs).

The process of concrete polishing is carried out in technically advanced "water-free" and "dust-free" environment where any airborne dust is collected by HTC dust extractors eliminating up to 99.96% dust of 0.3 microns.

Follow to architectural specification the concrete surface can be colored with solvent based translucent penetrating dye concentrates, water-based stains or acid stains creating a range of affects from subtle earth tones to vivid hues.
We offer a wide selection of decorative colors which correspond to fashion concepts and compliment aesthetic choice. Suggested dye and stain
charts provide a variety of color options to enhance the look of concrete.

Hardeners pass the Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) test at The National Floor Safety Institute and is fully complying with requirements of Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Certificate - Click here.

Mechanically polished floors last longer than conventional concrete floors, cost less and a better looking eco-friendly alternative versus old-fashioned waxing, vinyl or urethane paint.

As the only licensed applicator of Induroshine™ polishing system in Eastern Ontario we recommend to watch step-by-step concrete polishing / hardening / sealing process in the following video.

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Polished systems Induroshine™ or RetroPlate™ have the following benefits:

Polished concrete is harder than any other floor finishes

Treated surface protects against oil spillage and contaminants

Resists tire marks from cars and trucks

Surface is up to 53% more wear resistant than untreated concrete

Dramatic visual appearance with great reflection

Minimal maintenance cost

Long restoration cycle - average of 8 to 12 years / industrial and 25 to 40 years / residential

Concrete polishing (Polissage de béton) is recommended for commercial and retail stores, industrial areas, offices, manufacturing plants, car dealerships, warehouses and any dust sensitive areas like food processing plants, restaurants, airports, hospitals and many other places.

Residential customers enjoy practical beauty and everlasting durability of in-house polished concrete floors in living rooms, bathrooms, garages, basements or any other home areas designing concept will usher to.



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