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Concrete Floor Specialty Coatings by Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ltd. - Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston

Concrete Floor Moisture Control | Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston

Moisture-related problems with floor coverings and coatings applied over concrete slabs have become a serious and costly issue for designers, constructors, manufacturers, installers, and owners.

Problems are being experienced and keep rising on both new and renovation projects around Canada.With new construction, the challenge is to design and construct a concrete slab that will dry quickly to an acceptable level and stay sufficiently dry thereafter.

If test results indicate an elevated moisture vapor condition in the concrete, something needs to be done to be able to install the desired floor covering without producing a failure.
Even if the concrete slab is not exposed to a constant source of moisture, drying of the slab may take many months or years.
Usually that is not an acceptable alternative.

Concrete Floor Moisture Control - vapour barrier and floor covering.

Installation of a Concrete Floor Moisture Control System

In most cases the installation of a moisture control system is the only solution. The moisture control system blocks rising moisture vapor, and prevents adhesive and flooring from coming in contact with the high pH that develops in the concrete.

Concrete Floor Moisture Control provided by Concrete Polishhing & Sealing Ltd. - Ottawa

Concrete Polishing and Sealing offers one-coat and multi-coat moisture control systems of ARDEX and KOSTER which can be applied on environment with up to 100% RH (Relative Humidity). Complete turnaround time of just 12 hours which makes little to no interruption for construction schedule or emergency repairs.

Our company gladly provides Relative Humidity Test over your new and existing concrete in accordance with ASFM F2170 which is currently the most widely accepted test and has become the industry standard.



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